September Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

Hope you had a wonderful summer. Response has been great over the past months and it's been quite a ride for our new data analytics non-profit. We were getting our feet wet with a few data projects and were able to calibrate the approach of leveraging data for good. 

Applying our data-driven solutions has led to many learnings some of which we've highlighted below:

  • A big part of our job with clients consisted in demystifying data and explaining what it can do in real life.
  • It doesn't always require "big" datasets to have an impact. However, having well prepared data and thoughtfully scoped projects is key. 
  • Data is rarely shared among organizations, promoting open data is critical to make progress.
  • Predictive modeling and algorithms can be instrumental in improving impact of social initiatives
  • Data Visualizations and storytelling make data accessible to larger audiences


What is specifically offering at this point?


  • Workshops, Education, Advocacy
  • Enable Data Sharing
  • Make Advanced Analytics accessible to social organizations
  • Facilitate Data Visualizations & Storytelling

Which causes does support?

Engagements may vary, in general we are looking for data-rich, high-impact projects involving effective partners. 

Current Initiatives include ... 

  • Homelessness: Predicting evictions to prevent family homelessness (Partner: City of New York)
  • Prescription Drug Abuse: Use data to address Prescription Drug Abuse (Partner: Clinton Foundation)
  • Poetry: Promote writing poetry as a tool for language acquisition in education (Partner: PowerPoetry,org)
  • Arts & Culture: Quantify the impact of social media on Performing Arts Organizations (Partner:
  • Education: Tracking School Performance in developing countries (Partner: Ecole de Choix)

First of all, a big thank you to Ben Hsu commuting from Princeton to help us with predictive analytics and to our transatlantic volunteer Peter Cook, helping us with data visualization. is grateful and humbled by your quality, calm professionalism and generosity. 


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