Data Workshop for Non-Profits and Social Enterprises


This week we had the opportunity to conduct a data workshop with the Centre of Social Innovation (CSI) in their beautiful Chelsea office space, with a quality group of social entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals from the New York area. 

In addition to introducing the principles of data analytics, we were eager to learn first-hand about specific data-related problems non-profit organizations are facing.  With that in mind, we shared some insights into our work and how we approach data-driven problem solving.

In a nutshell, these were typical data related goals on non-profits:
* Use Data to become more transparent to stakeholders
* Use Real Time Data for better, faster decision-making
* Use data to evaluate & track performance
* Find better ways of capturing program data
* Create a better reporting framework
* Find new ways to visualize data
* Find ways to extract the most important indicators to track

Typical obstacles non-profit organizations are encountering:
* Lack of Resources
* Need for accessible  tools
* Data capture / collection is hard
* Find the right tracking framework that is not too complex, nor too simplistic
* Data is scattered in different places
* Unclear what to look for in datasets
* Unclear how data can be leveraged for decision-making

Data analytics for social innovation is a nascent topic and we feel its potential is limitless. Success will depend on making non-profit organizations comfortable with tracking their impact and building data analytics capacity within their organization. Driving social innovation and helping non-profit organizations with data is our mission at