and Humantarian Tracker to Offer Analytics on Syria Crisis Data Sets for Journalists

Since March of 2011, events in Syria have unfolded more violently than in other countries experiencing what has come to be known as the Arab Spring. What started out as demonstrations mirroring those that had begun in Tunisia in late 2010 and spread into Egypt in early 2011 soon turned into a violent armed conflict that has left over 100,000 dead, almost 5 million displaced, and almost 3 million others fleeing the country.

With the large amount of information coming out of Syria every day--whether from citizens, journalists, or official sources--it can be difficult to keep track of casualties and events. In an effort to provide reliable real-time data on the Syrian conflict, the SumAll Foundation has partnered with Humanitarian Tracker to offer access to data sets and analytics that provide insight into the fluctuating situation in Syria.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and the potential it can have on Syria’s future” explains Dr. Taha Kass-Hout, Founder and CEO of Humanitarian Tracker. "The goal of Humanitarian Tracker is to give a voice to those silenced by the conflict. Our partnership with SumAll will help amplify those voices, by making the influx of data coming out of Syria easy to understand."

Humanitarian Tracker, whose mission is to connect and empower citizens using innovation in technology to support humanitarian causes, provides the most complete and up to date crowdsourced dataset concerning events in Syria on the web.

"It is common for businesses to have real-time management dashboards for better decision-making. Surprisingly, the most pressing issues of our time don't have a dashboard." says Stefan Heeke, Executive Director of 

The challenge is using that data to reach valuable insights and accurately communicate information. In order to do that, we aim to provide this publicly available Interactive Syria Crisis Dashboard for those interested in mining the very latest data first hand. 

Our Partnership Offer

For journalists who have specific questions that can be answered by further in-depth exploration, SumAll is offering a channel to investigate your research ideas and work with you to mine the most recent Humanitarian Tracker datasets. Our goal is to provide ad-hoc insights for data-driven journalists and political decision-makers. Please contact us for assistance.

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