to Provide NYC Prostitution Arrest Analytics, Brief Policy Makers on Long-Term Trends

As the Super Bowl quickly approaches, officials in the NYC/NJ Metro Area are preparing for an often-cited underbelly of major sports events: increased prostitution and human trafficking. Government agencies and advocates have ramped up prevention efforts with personnel training and media campaigns, one of which includes a large scale outdoor advertising campaign by the Polaris Project and Clear Channel Outdoor. It appears that this working is paying off: just this week a crackdown by the New York City Police Department has so far resulted in over 200 trafficking-related arrests. 

Click image to explore Data | NYC Prostitution Arrest Statistics, Source: DCJS 

Click image to explore Data | NYC Prostitution Arrest Statistics, Source: DCJS 


The SumAll Foundation is partnering with Sanctuary for Families, an NYC-based agency that provides services to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, to analyze New York City's prostitution and human trafficking arrest records. Between 2005 and 2013, almost 12,000 patrons of prostitutes were arrested in NYC alone, with almost 1,250 of these arrests made in 2013. The police are much more likely to arrest people for the crime of prostitution rather than the johns pimps and traffickers who are fueling the growing of this massive underground industry.

Our researchers have made available an Interactive NY Prostitution Arrest Dashboard highlighting the number of arrests for patronizing people working as prostitutes in NYC's five boroughs. The information in this dashboard is just the tip of the iceberg--soon, we will make available an interface with richer data and analytics, which we plan to share with the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition. We encourage journalists and policy-makers to contact us for information and/or assistance. 


Another often forgotten aspect of human trafficking, which is also associated with large sporting events, as seen with a widely-circulated Guardian exposé of preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, is trafficked labor. While the sex industry receives a lot of attention, it is but one of a number of industries that attract traffickers abusing underage or at-risk laborers. 



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