The Issue

Education is one of any country's most important means of ensuring a better future for its citizens and continued success in the international scene. Education, however, is rife with challenges. These range anywhere from access to good schools, laying down well-founded national and regional educational policies, testing, and many others. 

Education also goes beyond the formal government institutions and formal education. It also covers issues of culture, language retention, and many other issues that pertain to education and youth in general. 

The Opportunity

With data from government sources being made available, including data on education, and with data processing and analysis tools available that can carry out computations that were previously too large to consider, it is now possible to embark on a number of education-related projects. SumAll is currently focusing on projects that address school tracking, the role of poetry in language education, and others. 

We believe that big data can help explore and address many issues facing youth and education today. We are interested in partnering with organizations that work in these areas, trying to find solutions to problems in educational policy, or seeking to address new methods of education beyond conventional classroom settings.

Current Projects

School Tracking in Haiti

Fighting the Literacy Crisis with Data and Social Gaming