The Issue

According to the World Bank's 2010 data, 20.6% of the world lives on $1.25 or less a day. This means that 1.2 billion people were living in poverty in 2010. The problem seems to be most concentrated in Africa and Asia, with some countries, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, having over 87% of the population living below the international poverty line. 

But poverty isn't just something that occurs "somewhere else"--it often happens in our own backyards. The US Census Bureau estimated in 2012 that 15% of the US population, a staggering 46.5 million people including 16.1 million children below the age of 18, live in poverty. In New York City alone, 14.9% - about 3 million people - live below the federal poverty line.

The Opportunity

Our goal is to leverage technology and data to support social service providers and community advocates, whether government or non-government organizations, as they impact those people most in need. We believe that data available through governments and other sources enable us to identify the areas and people most at risk of extreme poverty and most in need of social service support.

We also believe that data analysis can be used to both study and active social mobility, and we aim to work with organizations focusing on awareness and education for programs that support social mobility for the people most at risk of extreme poverty.

Current Projects

Predicting  Homelessness in NYC