Public Health

The Issue

While health includes physical, environmental, emotional and mental factors of an individual, Public Health encompasses the same factors, but for communities or populations of individuals.  It does not only include actions taken to prevent infectious diseases and/or injuries within communities through performing research and informing those populations, but also consists the efforts taken to prolong life through promoting healthy lifestyles.  Governmental, non-governmental and private organizations can participate in a community's public health.  Another function of Public Health also involves the goal to provide all populations equal access and affordable healthcare or in other words, to lower health disparities within a community, through possible attempts of altering government or insurance policies. 

The Opportunity

We believe that data available from governmental, non-governmental, private organizations and the individual can be used to delve deeper into many of the health issues affecting our world today. For example, we can observe disease outbreaks within communities based on data from Google searches or even Twitter/Facebook updates.  We also believe that analyzing this data can be a major aspect of bringing many of these issues to light, raising awareness and even towards finding solutions or cures that had not been possible before.

Current Projects

Prescription Drug Abuse

(Big) Data Analytics for  Prescription Drug Abuse