Our Mission 

"Empower Changemakers maximize their Social Impact through Data" 


1) By creating data-driven methodologies, tools, and systems that empower changemakers to 

(a) make better decisions about their intervention strategies and resource allocations.
(b) better capture and understand the impact they produce

2) By promoting and providing equal access to data sources and data-related tools, techniques, systems, and resources for all changemakers regardless of their economic resources.

3) By developing a thought leadership presence that facilitates shining a light on social injustice, inequity, and wrongdoing of every type, in every place.

4) By vigilantly ensuring that all our strategic decisions and operational activities are highly-congruent with our organizational purpose, values and processes.

5) By consistently deepening and strengthening our organizational expertise and knowledge


When tech entrepreneur Dane Atkinson co-founded SumAll.com he felt that the tech community should play a more proactive part in social innovation and help generate tangible social impact in addition to business value. Atkinson and his team set aside 10% of SumAll's equity to create a non-profit, SumAll.org, whose goal is to empower impact-driven, changemakers with data.