About SumAll.org


SumAll.org is SumAll.com's non-profit organization dedicated to doing social good by analyzing data. Our multi-disciplinary team uses the power of data for social innovation. One of the biggest challenges facing the social sector is the lack of data-related resources at their disposal. By providing civic analytics, we aspire to create tangible and real-world impact, while providing data-driven thought leadership on the issues. We also collaborate with our partners to develop technology-driven solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. 

What We Do

Our staff and dedicated volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, including but not limited to data science, visualization, business analytics, social services, education, government, and communications. With these extensive resources at hand, SumAll.org works closely with organizations to determine key performance indicators and improve impact through data. We then dive deeply into datasets to create models, develop visualizations and, most importantly, support civic actors to tell the story behind the numbers. 


When tech entrepreneur Dane Atkinson co-founded SumAll.com he knew that building a tech startup should be about more than just money, but also a positive workplace that generates tangible societal impact. So with the founding of SumAll, Atkinson and his team set aside a full 10% of the company’s equity to create a non-profit whose goal is to translate the company’s mission of leveraging data for impact to the world of social good.