Our Model

SumAll.org offers the following services to non-profits, governments and social impact organizations working to solve the world's toughest problems. 

1. Strategy and Data Exploration Services

Our introductory services help organizations leverage the power of their own data.  We take a "problem-solving" approach and often our partners approach us with a questions they would like answered. Our team takes collaboration seriously--and we always work alongside our partners in order to achieve the best results. Contact us for pricing and additional information. 


Data Strategy Workshop

In this collaborative two-day workshop, SumAll.org works with your organization to explore how internal, external and open data can solve key problems and strengthen organizational impact or drive growth. The key deliverable is a mini data strategy, a proposal on how to best leverage the power of data for your organization. 


Rapid Data Exploration

This SumAll.org service includes data linking and initial data exploration. Data linkages take place across an organization’s own internal data, as well as open data sources established as useful for a particular organization (for example, Census data, NYC open data portal, etc.). The end product is a workshop with 1) initial insights and visualizations, (2) recommendations for data-driven projects, and, 3) opportunities for social innovation. Deliverables include a master dataset and insights/recommendations. 

2. Long-Term Partnerships


Project-based Partnerships

After an initial meeting and data exploration, our team develops a partnership proposal to support your organization while driving social innovation on the underlying issue (for example, homelessness). Our payment structure can be fee-for-service, or we can explore other funding avenues together (for example, foundation and corporate support, donations, crowdfunding). Key deliverables include data-driven assets such as algorithms, infographics, microtargeting, strategy, tracking concepts, visualizations, research papers, and pilot apps.  


3. Scalable Applications 


Applications and Ventures

This is the innovation part. After after having solved specific, real world problems using operational, case-level data with our partners we are looking to scale the solution. The power lies in the transformation of given one-on-one project into an application or platform that can help many more. 

For Instance, with our partner PowerPoetry.org, a program impact measurement project evolved into a venture where we are working on a game-like application that helps kids be more mindful with their use of language in social media (language scoring prototype: war.powerpoetry.org). 

A micro-targeting project with the City of New York about the prediction of families at risk of becoming homeless has the potential to evolve into a prototype for a canvassing application enabling social worker to be much more effective. With an application like this, high-risk families can be identified and helped swiftly in any given city. 

An analytics project with a school in Haiti (ecoledechoix.org) revealed the power of tracking to better understand drivers of student progression under difficult circumstances. However the true challenge for smaller schools in  less developed, remote areas is actually tracking basic data. This can be addressed with a simplified school tracking platform. 

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How Can I Help?


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