UN TV: UNFPA Debate - Using data to advance reproductive health

A Global Interactive Debate, 59th Session of the Commission on Status of Women organised by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund – in collaboration with DEVEX and the Guttmacher Institute. The discussion will showcase how data has been and can be instrumental in different areas -- gender-based violence, family planning, adolescents and youth -- to help advance efforts to increase access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.


CIO Magazine: Why businesses should focus on wide data, not big data

SumAll.org, a nonprofit dedicated to using data for social good, SumAll is helping New York City and nonprofit organization CAMBAcombat homelessness in a pilot program. Eviction notices are among the primary signifiers that a family is about to become homeless — though not all evictions lead to homelessness. About 200,000 households get evicted in New York City each year. In big data terms that's not an exceptionally large number of records. But identifying which of those 200,000 are most at risk of becoming homeless as a result of eviction proceedings is a challenge.


Urbanful: Big data, big social good?

In New York City, a nonprofit data analytics firm called SumAll developed a tool that identifies people most at risk for eviction. Their algorithm wades through court records, shelter history and demographic information to help social workers determine which families and individuals are in particular danger of becoming homeless. Piloted in four Brooklyn districts last year, the program was able to reach 50 percent more residents than through traditional outreach methods,  saving approximately 65 families from eviction.

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TechPresident: Blogrolling

Big Data for good: Maura Ewing reports for NextCity on how the nonprofit data analytics firm SumAll is trying to help NYC social service agencies figure out who is at risk of becoming homeless among the 200,000 households a year that receive an eviction notice. SumAll has developed a tool that uses court records, shelter history and demographic information like education level, employment status, age and past interaction with the foster care system to zero in on the most concerning cases. A pilot program in Brooklyn increased the number of families that got connected with eviction prevention services by 50%, keeping 65 families from ending up in a shelter, she reports.

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Govtech: Data Innovation Day 2015: Methodologies Behind Analytics Success Stories

From beginning to end, experts provided an ample set of data analytics success stories. Michael Flowers, New York’s former chief analytics officer, stood as a testament to the city’s pioneering projects — such as work in fire risk assessment and 911 response. Stefan Heeke, executive director of the data science non-profit SumAll.org, spoke of a group project that can predict homelessness in New York City four months in advance by assessing eviction filings. And then Michael Wilde, representing Splunk, spoke of New York Airbrake, a company that harnessed data to save the rail industry millions in fuel costs by simply calculating optimal timing for train braking.

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Next City: Big Data Could Help Some of the 200,000 NYC Households That Get Eviction Notices This Year

The problem for social service agencies is figuring out who’s at risk of imminently becoming homeless amid thousands of eviction notices, and reaching those who need help. The nonprofit data analytics firm SumAll is trying to help with that challenge.

Taking a page from the playbook of marketing firms who use “big data” to target potential customers, SumAll has developed a tool that uses data — court records, shelter history, demographic information — to identify people at risk of becoming homeless. SumAll’s algorithm helps social workers decide where to focus their efforts — down to the individual.

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Houghton First in Nation to Offer Liberal Arts Data Science Class

This semester, Houghton became the first liberal arts college in the country to offer an undergraduate class in data science. Stefan Heeke, executive director of SumAll.org, was the second speaker, via Skype, last Wednesday. Some other future speakers include Amanda Stent, principal research scientist at Yahoo Labs; Michael Lyons, director of analytics for the Buffalo Bills; and Philip Martin, SumAll.org data scientist. Avery is also trying to get in contact with a digital historian in Australia.

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Houghton Star: Pending Data Science Major Brings New Opportunities

"Pool, McKell, and Fisher met with employers such as: SAS, a business analysis company, Microsoft, RapidMiner, Bloomberg, and Bell Canada to inquire about data science internships for Houghton College students. They also met with Stefan Heeke, CEO of SumAll, a data and impact analytics company, who has a nonprofit organization branch. According to Pool, they also discussed creating a fellowship in New York City for Houghton students “Students would bring their own research data and be given guidance and instruction on analytics, dashboard visualization and policy implementation,” she said “It would be a great experiential learning opportunity for students interested in applying data science to a humanitarian effort.” McKell and Fisher also discussed opportunities to use business’s data software software in classes within the major."

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SumAll.org & Ayasdi Partner to Uncover Valuable Data Insights to Tackle Critical World Health, Social Issues

NEW YORK, NY and MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 28, 2014) - A new collaboration between nonprofit data analysis firm SumAll.org and Ayasdi, the leading provider of accelerated learning software for complex data, is helping aid organizations analyze and visualize complex data more rapidly, accelerating the development and deployment of life-saving interventions in response to some of the world's toughest health care and social challenges. Using the combined expertise of SumAll.org's multi-disciplinary teams and Ayasdi's core analytics application, aid organizations can uncover never-before-seen trends and potentially unexpected results, without the need to formulate hypotheses or assemble a team of data scientists.

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Forbes.com : Big Data For Social Good: 5 Ways To a Higher Purpose

"Evictions are a major cause of homelessness and families seeking refuge in shelters. SumAll.org, a non-profit, is working with the city of New York to develop a tool to predict which evictions will lead to homelessness.

SumAll’s team uses eviction data, shelter history, and demographic data to put together a visualization that identifies families most at risk. They’re now able to forecast which households may be evicted in 3-4 months’ time, to aid social workers and charities to reach out to those families, before they transition into the city’s shelter system.


"SumAll has partnered with Humanitarian Tracker to identify patterns in causes of death. For example, a huge spike in civilian deaths was identified through these efforts: “In recent months there were six incidents where more than a dozen females were killed outside of a battle situation—possibly an indicator of massacres,” says Stefan Heeke, executive director of SumAll.org."

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Investor's Business Daily: Tech Philanthropy Seemingly On Upswing

Tech philanthropy can be a natural outgrowth of what a company already does.

In New York City, marketing analytics company SumAll has allocated 10% of its equity to a separate nonprofit, SumAll.org.

Nonprofits generally don't have the access to methods of measuring their work's impact that businesses do. But the same client-seeking techniques used by many companies are used by SumAll.org to identify families in New York City that are likely to become homeless, says SumAll.org Executive Director Stefan Heeke.

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WIRED UK (July Print Issue): War's Wheel of Destruction

"'It's now more of a dirty war, with weapons killing people indiscriminately, rather than a conflict between armed combatants,' says Stefan Heeke, executive director of SumAll.org, the non-profit, social-issues-focused wing of US data-analytics startup SumAll.com.  His team collaborated with Humanitarian Tracker, a non-profit that provides crowdsourced and verified for citizen journalists, and has documented more than 100,00 killings in Syria."

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Datanami: How Big Data Can Help the Sick and Poor

One group that's doing a lot of social good with big data is Sumall Foundation (SumAll.org), which launched about a year ago with the ambitious goal of using big data to impact social issues. So far, the New York City organization, which was spun out of the social media analytics firm SumAll.com founded by Dane Atkinson, has brought its expertise to bear on problems ranging from homelessness in New York City, the Syrian war, human trafficking, and prescription drug abuse across the United States.

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MarketWatch: TIBCO Spotfire Cloud and SumAll.org Shed Light on Humanitarian Crisis and Human Trafficking

TIBCO Software Inc. , a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, today announced that a free license of TIBCO Spotfire(R) Cloud visual data analytics software is enabling not-for-profit organization SumAll.org to glean valuable humanitarian and human trafficking insights, and accurately communicate information around the world, in real time.

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