: Big Data For Social Good: 5 Ways To a Higher Purpose

"Evictions are a major cause of homelessness and families seeking refuge in shelters., a non-profit, is working with the city of New York to develop a tool to predict which evictions will lead to homelessness.

SumAll’s team uses eviction data, shelter history, and demographic data to put together a visualization that identifies families most at risk. They’re now able to forecast which households may be evicted in 3-4 months’ time, to aid social workers and charities to reach out to those families, before they transition into the city’s shelter system.


"SumAll has partnered with Humanitarian Tracker to identify patterns in causes of death. For example, a huge spike in civilian deaths was identified through these efforts: “In recent months there were six incidents where more than a dozen females were killed outside of a battle situation—possibly an indicator of massacres,” says Stefan Heeke, executive director of"

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