From Homelessness To Human Trafficking, How A NYC Nonprofit Is Using Big Data To Make A Difference

"In a world where big data is the buzzword of the day, companies are figuring out how to use and harness it to get the most ROI. One company, is using it for something a tad more philanthropic. is the non-profit side of, the data firm that is already helping the likes of Starbucks and National Geographic with their social media analytics. has undertaken a number of projects, such as analyzing the darkness of human trafficking throughout the world as well as partnered with the city of New York to help combat homelessness and the the city’s prostitution problem. “We engage in a wide range of issues where we believe data can add significant value and deliver impact - SumAll Foundation CEO Stefan Heeke says – Our sweet-spot are data-rich, high impact projects related to an issue of interest where we partner with an organization with access to operational data. Initially we engage in workshops to better understand the opportunities and learn about the issue. Scoping the project together with our partners and have a common understanding is key for a successful outcome”."

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