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The sheer volume of data and information available in times of crises has increased substantially since the launch of the ‘data revolution.’ This data, be it reported by bystanders or collected via machine, can illuminate the real human impact of crises in exciting, and sometimes disheartening, ways. This is certainly the case for the Crisis in Syria, a topic that the team from has been working on since 2013 in collaboration with Humanitarian Tracker. Together, our teams are developing a dashboard that analyzes causes of death from the Syrian civil war for use by both journalists and the general public.


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Humanitarian Tracker provides the most complete and up to date crowdsourced dataset concerning the Syrian war,  and their goal is to provide firsthand data and information to the public as general media coverage fatigues. Their current website and data is very rich and useful for researchers and involved audiences. However, new insights and intuitive ways of communicating information from the dataset are needed to bring the issue closer to the general public as well as the press.


SumAll initially mapped trending news stories and social media in both English and Arabic against major events to create an Interactive Syria Crisis Timeline

SumAll also created a data dashboard to provide a landscape of cause of death in Syria using Spotfire.  Within this data are a limitless number of potential analysis, including increased proportion of female casualties, targeted vs indiscriminate killings, and mass civilian death events.  To get the most out of this rich source, SumAll investigates different stories within the cause of death data, including producing editorial write ups of the results.

For each analysis press is released in a continued effort to combat media fatigue.  Additionally SumAll is pursuing relationships with media outlets to provide analytic support for their coverage.


Our dashboard has been an effective resource to journalists and topical experts looking for analytics that can help add clarity to specific insights.  Relationships with media outlets such as Reuters and WIRED have formed, while Humanitarian Tracker used our dashboard to support their session at RightsCon 2014.

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