This is what we do: 


We are building our work on a methodology of transformational change through data, that continually searches for common-good and best practice. We conduct data analytics projects with organizations and changemakers who are pursuing common social change objectives. 

Thought Leadership

We identify, describe, and disseminate insights to a wide range of expert and lay audiences. Whenever possible, move beyond insights to innovative methodologies and methodological solutions which can then be broadly applied to both impact assessment and intervention design by changemakers, policy makers, other researchers, and funders everywhere.


We host, inspire and empower a community of change makers and social entrepreneurs who are motivated by impact. and driven by data. We develop and host impact-related symposia that provide a platform for exploring and disseminating global insights and best practices. 


We develop impact related implementations and technologies which place the changemaker at the center of their social impact story.

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Technologies Partners