Interactive Syria Crisis Timeline 

This data visualization of the Syria crisis since the chemical attacks is based on a combination data sources, such as Tweets in Arabic and English, UN statistics, event descriptions, as well as "most shared" images of the day. The result is a chilling timeline of the event sequence since the chemical attacks and a snapshot of the related global conversation at a given date.

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Credits: Peter Cook, Deniz Zorlu                                                                                         Embed this Chart

How to navigate this Chart? 

* Blue Line: Volume of Arabic language tweets (Arabic) 
* Red Line: Volume of English language tweets
* Bubble sizes represent number of hashtag mentions in Twitter (clickable) 
* Bubble Color: Arabic (blue), English (red)
* Vertical Lines represent key events 
* Data Refresh: 2x Daily



Data Sources

* Casualty count: United Nations
* Registered Refugee count: UNHCR
* Trend Volume: Twitter, Topsy
* "Most shared" Articles, Images: 
* Events: Timeline of Syrian War - Wikipedia




  • Visualization: Peter Cook, Data Visualization Freelancer (, @prcweb), Volunteer 
  • Data Scientist: Deniz Zorlu ,